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Nuova Maran S.R.L.

Maran S.p.A. Founded in 1993, we have been the leader for years in credit management in Italy and have 2 operational centres and 5 regional offices stationed throughout the country, along with a staff of around 400 people. We supply customised services that are perfectly integrated with the management processes of the principal institutes during all phases of the credit life cycle. To this end, our operating structure is divided into 4 divisions: Phone Collection, Home Collection and Legal Collection, each supplying a specific service. Each division consists of various work teams, each one dedicated to its respective principal and to a specific credit type. Maran’s clients include consumer credit companies, banks, leasing and factoring companies, rental companies, local administrations, utility companies and telecommunication companies. Body of shareholders

As of June 15, 2017, the corporate name of Maran Credit Solution S.p.A. was modified in Maran S.p.A.


  • Famiglia D’Atanasio 90 %
  • Azioni Proprie 10 %

2016 Report

  • 22 million Euro turnover at 31/12/2016
  • 1.650.000 cases managed by phone collection during 2016
  • 350 phone collection workstations
  • 500 people dedicated to phone collection
  • 60 collection agents stationed throughout the country
  • 6 in-house Information Technology specialists that implement and develop proprietary software to digitally manage and automatically process information