Thank you Nazzareno!

Thank you Nazzareno! Thanks to all the employees and partners who, although deeply affected by this great loss, are already back at work. Thanks to our collegues and our customers. Thanks also to the local authorities and to the City of Spoleto that are being close to us at this very sad time. Unfortunately, because of the nature of our work, it doesn’t allow us the opportunity to forget our responsabilities, even now during this moment of pain. It is for this reason that we are working with the new Board of Directors, to ensure continuity, with the Chairman Edoardo D’Atanasio and the managing Director Fabio D’Atanasio. To quote the moving words of one of our employees “we are all working with twice the energy” to honour, in the best way we can, the man who founded Maran and trusted in all of us.


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