Home Collection

A detailed network

The synergy between external collection agents and internal coordinators guarantees the best solution for expired credits up to 180 days. HC provides dynamic solutions, from returns to the performing category, to agreeing on amicable resolution plans.

  • The network of around 100 collection agents, with no turnover, is able to thoroughly cover the entire country and is always in proximity to the debtor client.
  • The collection agents are constantly connected to our operational centers in Spoleto and Rome, which provide real-time support and, at the same time, an accurate control of operations and conduct.
  • The operational centers are structured in teams dedicated to each principal/product. This type of decentralized organization guarantees a specialized management calibrated to the characteristics of the specific credit. The internal teams are the link between the collection agent and the principal company, and between debtor client and credit holder;
  • The constant technological development, the use of tablets, along with a centralised collection management, facilitates the sensitive negotiation collection process;
  • The home collection division is assisted by the legal office which offers strategic support in various phases. The drawing up and sending, even in large quantities, of reminder letters and/or notices to comply, the legal advice during negotiations and, lastly, the legal actions aimed at judicial credit collection represent an element of quality.