Legal Area

An additional resource

Maran provides a judicial collection service availing itself of a network of legal advisors that can operate in all Courts and Public Prosecutor offices in the Republic of Italy. Management, integrated with  phone and home collection, guarantees the proper assessment of the ability to recover credits and the appropriate use of legal  instruments.

  • In support of extrajudicial activities, during every collection phase, thereby increasing the effectiveness.
  • Sending notices to comply and letters of formal notice
  • Interaction with the legal advisors of principal and debtor clients
  • Legal advice to those in charge of collection in complex situations
  • Initiating legal procedures

In order to fulfil its service Maran guarantees trusted lawyers, with years of proven experience in handling both civil and criminal law cases, and that are members of law societies throughout the country. This process guarantees the appropriate professionalism needed to recover the unpaid amount or asset covered by a leasing or rental contract. The judicial intervention is carried out in the following manner:

  • sending of reminder letters,
  • contractual resolution and notice: Maran is able to send, even in large quantities (thanks to agreements with all the major Italian mailing companies), everything from reminder letters via priority mail to notices to comply, delivered by registered mail with return receipt or by a bailiff.
  • lodging claim by injunction; drawing up and lodging appeals by injunction in all Italian courts, advancing out-of-pocket expenses at special rates
  • notification of instrument and precept;
  • assistance during any opposition to the injunction;
  • mortgage registration;
  • management of the executive phase; in this phase Maran is able to implement real intelligence activities with the goal of recovering assets. Furthermore, it is able to provide physical assistance to the bailiff in the sensitive access phase.
  • assistance during opposition to implementation and/or to implementing acts;
  • assistance during insolvency proceedings;
  • drawing up and presenting complaints: Maran is able to prepare misappropriation complaints and lodge them to Investigative Police bodies or competent Public Prosecutor offices throughout the country. In this phase the synergy between our lawyers and the network of local agents allow us to rapidly locate and, subsequently, seize the assets.